Your Office Experience

Prepare to change your mind about what it’s like to “go to the doctor.” Because your personal physician treats a limited number of patients, you receive longer appointments with little or no waiting. Instead of wasting your time in a crowded waiting room surrounded by sick patients and then sitting in a cold exam room with outdated magazines, you will be able to relax in our comfortable reception area and exam rooms prior to your appointment. Our friendly employees come to know each patient by name and work hard to ensure that your visits go smoothly.

  • Convenient Communication

    Scottsdale Private Physicians provides unparalleled access to your physician. We know that many urgent medical problems occur beyond standard office hours, so we link patients to their physician 24/7 for added convenience and peace of mind.

    Patients have access to their doctor’s personal cell phone for after-hour unexpected needs as well as secure e-mail access to their physician and optional online video consultations from the comfort of home.  We also offer a “Patient Portal”, which you can access through your home P.C. or through our free mobile app on your smartphone.  This allows instant access to your list of medications, lab results, next appointment time, and an easy way to communicate with your doctor.

  • Longer Appointment Times


  • Specialized Care

    We are passionate about providing personalized care that exceeds your expectations.

    When we perform your annual routine physical, we provide you with a complete, comprehensive physical examination. This exam culminates with specific, personalized recommendations for optimizing your health and longevity, including recommendations for diet, exercise, bio-identical hormones, nutritional supplements, e.g., probiotics and micro-nutrients. We also offer you continuity of care; we work with you throughout the year to help you achieve optimal health.

    When it comes to testing, we are in a never-ending quest to stay in the forefront of medicine, offering specialized testing to our patients, including advanced cardiovascular screening, genetic testing, pharmacogenomics, nutritional testing, and weight loss management.

  • House Calls

    Yes, we make house calls! We realize that unexpected medical problems occasionally prevent a patient from coming to the physician’s office when he or she is too sick to do so, that is why we offer a limited number of house calls every year.

  • Travel Service

    We are happy to help you prepare for your travels abroad. We can provide you with the necessary prescriptions and recommendations for vaccinations. You can also stay in contact with us during your travel, should the need arise, through our secure patient portal, free mobile app or just a simple phone call.

  • Insurance

    In our medical practice, all physician visits are performed outside the scope of insurance. This means no co-pays or deductibles, no bills to submit to insurance companies, no hassles, and no hidden charges.

    However, our program does not replace conventional health insurance. Conventional health insurance is necessary for all expenses outside of our office. For example: lab work, x-rays, visits to specialists, hospital charges, etc.